Dynamic Water Vapor Sorption and Relative Humidity

ProUmid는 상대 습도뿐만 아니라 흡착 측정을 위한 최첨단 고성능 제품을 제조합니다.


Controlled Humidity

MHG32는 소량의 RH를 빠르게 변경해야 하는 까다로운 기기 환경에서 습도를 제어할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.

특정 부피에서 상대 습도를 발생시키고 제어하여 낮은 흐름 속도에서도 빠르고 정확한 반응을 얻을 수 있습니다. 

MHG32는 최대 500ml/min 또는 1000ml/min의 흐름 속도로 이용할 수 있으며 최소 20ml부터 2000ml까지의 챔버 부피에 적합합니다.

모듈식 설정과 광범위한 온도 및 습도 범위의 쉬운 적응력으로 다양한 분야에서 응용가능합니다. 또한 커스텀이 가능한 제품입니다. 

Unique system architecture

The patented design of the MHG32 is different from a standard instrument for controlled humidity. Usually, a flow of humid air is generated inside the instrument and then transported via a heated transfer line to the target system or volume to be humidified. Such a configuration results in a slow regulation behaviour and a large dead volumes in the supply line.

To avoid such issues, the MHG32 was designed differently. The MHG32 consists of a central control unit and an external mixing module. The central control unit monitors and regulates the flow rates of gas and water and transports the media to the mixing module in separate lines. The humid air is generated inside this mixing module, that is directly attached to the outer wall of the target volume.

Fast and precise control of humidity

By generation of the gas flow inside the mixing module directly connected to the target volume, any potential issues by a dead volume in the supply line are completely avoided. The MHG32 allows for a fast and precisely controlled humidity even at very small flow rates.

Closed regulation loop

The humidity sensor is placed directly inside the volume to be humidified. A closed regulation loop ensures a precise, stable and fast controlled humidity and makes the system unsusceptible against perturbations.

Temperature and humidity range

The mixing module is small but powerful and allows for precisely controlled humidity over the full temperature and humidity range.

Thermal coupling

The metallic mixing module is directly attached to the outside wall of the target system. It follows the temperature set in the target system from close to freezing up to the boiling point (2°C to 95°C).

Compensation of evaporation enthalpy

Heat loss due to vaporization enthalpy is directly compensated in the mixing module and thus enabling precise RH control up to the saturation level over the full temperature range.

High degree of customization

With the various available possibilities for customization, the MHG32 can be adapted to any target and allows for complete integration into instrument solutions as an OEM product.

Humidity sensor

The sensor interface is fully configurable. Any sensor with an analogue signal output can be connected.

Operation & software interface

The MHG can be operated locally via the front panel or by remote control via RS232 or Ethernet. The software interface is fully configurable and allows for complete integration into the control software of the target system.

Additional options

  • Miniaturized T/RH sensor for tiny volumes and narrow spaces
  • Additional temperature sensor for thermally separated samples (e.g. on a heat or cooling stage)
  • Sensor antechamber for systems that do not allow to place the RH sensor inside the target volume

Technical Specifications

Selectable Flow Rate
0 ... 500 ml/min or 0 ... 1000 ml/min
Selectable Humidity Range*2% RH to 98% RH (±0.8% RH at10 … 30 °C)
Applicable Temperature Range**
+2°C to +95°C
Water Supply
removable tank, 700ml
Gas Supply
compressed air / nitrogen
2 bar to 10 bar
dry, clean, oil-free (class 1, ISO 8573-1:2010)
Ethernet (optional)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
450 mm x 320 mm x 140 mm
6.5 kg

* The minimum achievable humidity depends on the water content of the carrier gas. Deviation data based on Rotronic HC2A-S sensor.
** The external mixer adapts to the temperature of the chamber/object to be humidified, but does not provide temperature control.
*** Other gases on request. By default, flow controllers are calibrated to air as the carrier gas.