Dynamic Water Vapor Sorption and Relative Humidity

ProUmid는 상대 습도뿐만 아니라 흡착 측정을 위한 최첨단 고성능 제품을 제조합니다.


Vapor Sorption Analyzer

Dynamic Vapor Sorption(DVS)은 사용자가 설정한 온도와 습도에서 Sample의 질량 변화를 측정하는 Gravimetric Method입니다.

Sample의 질량 변화는 주변 공기로부터 수분을 흡착하고 탈착하는 과정 속에서 나타나며 Sample의 특성에 따라 각각 다른 실험 결과를 받아 보실 수 있습니다.

측정 목적

  • 제품의 저장성 및 안정성 분석
  • 평형 수분율 및 수분 흡탈착 속도 분석
  • 수분 투과율 분석, Water Vapor Permeability
  • 재료의 수분 반응 특성 분석
  • 제품의 법적 안정성 및 적합성 검토

측정 원리

  • Heat Exchanger와 Humidity Sensor를 통해서 사용자가 설정한 온도와 습도를 유지 및 변화합니다.
  • Auto Sampler가 자동으로 Sample을 Balance위에 올려주며 질량 변화를 감지합니다.
  • 각 Sample마다 질량 변화를 감지하고 수분율의 변화를 측정합니다.
  • 이렇게 측정된 데이터는 Sorption Kinetic과 Sorption Isotherm 그래프를 얻을 수 있습니다.

제품 특징

  • 최대 23가지 Sample 동시 측정 가능
  • 초정밀 밸런스 내장, 최대 Resolution : 0.1 µg
  • Drift Compensation 기능으로 안정적인 Baseline 보장
  • Polymer Humidity Sensor로 0% RH까지 측정 가능
  • Large-Kit를 이용하여 완제품 및 포장상태에서도 측정 가능하여 다양한 Size 제품 측정
  • Video Camera, Raman Spectroscopy를 이용하여 이미지 데이터와 성분 분석을 동시에 가능

Technical Specifications

SPS23-100nSPSx-1µ AdvanceSPSx-1µ High LoadSPS11-10µ
Application Examples
Pharma research, pre-formationPharma and food research, ChemistryFood, chemistry, material CharacterizationBuilding physics, wood research, permeability
Temperature Range
5℃ - 40℃ (±0.1K)5℃ - 60℃ (±0.1K)
5℃ - 60℃ (±0.1K)
5℃ - 60℃ (±0.1K)
Humidity Range*
0% RH - 98% RH (±0,5% RH bei 10 ... 30℃)
Min Sample Mass
< 3mg
< 10mg
< 30mg
< 50mg
Max Sample Mass
Max Number of Samples
Balance Resolution
0.1µg1µg1µg (up to 22g)
10µg (up to 220g)
10µg (up to 111g)
100µg (up to 220g)
±1.5µg RMS
±2µg RMS
±5µg RMS (up to 11g)
±20µg RMS (up to 220g)
±20µg RMS (up to 11g)
±100µg RMS (up to 220g)
Water Supply
removable tank, 500 ml
Gas Supply
compressed air / nitrogen
2.5bar to 10 bar
dry, clean, oil-free (class 1, ISO 8573-1:2010)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
488 mm x 630 mm x 437 mm (1024mm with open lid)
62 kg

* The full humidity range can only be achieved at a chamber temperature slightly above room temperature.

** Root mean square. The specified values assume that the system is installed in an environment suitable for the operation of microbalances.

Operation Principle

Basic operation

The sample carousel with the dishes arranged in a circle is placed in the temperature and relative humidity controlled measurement chamber of the instrument. The atmosphere inside the chamber is continuously circulated, providing optimal air flow above the samples as well as uniform temperature and humidity at each point. All samples are weighed continuously. By turning and lowering of the carousel, one sample dish after the other is placed on the weighing pan. An internal reference eliminates all drift effects from the balance.

Measurement setup

Operation of the SPS software and preparation of a measurement is very easy, straightforward and user-friendly. First some basic measurement parameters like the equilibrium condition are set and the temperature/humidity profile for the sorption/desorption cycle is defined. Finally, after taring, sample material is filled into the dishes and the initial sample weight is recorded. Once the start button has been pressed, the measurement runs completely automated. The results are continuously updated and displayed in tabular and graphical form. If necessary, the measurement settings can be adjusted during a running experiment at any time.

Easy cleaning

The sample dishes are filled outside the instrument by removing the whole sample tray. By this procedure, staining of the instrument during filling is avoided. In case of an accidentally contamination, due to plain surfaces of the instrument inside, the measurement chamber is cleaned easily.

Accessories & Options