Dynamic Water Vapor Sorption and Relative Humidity

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Packaging Materials and Polymer Films

Packaging materials and polymer films are intended to provide a barrier against adverse climatic conditions to prevent the loss or adsorption of moisture by the packaged product. The decisive criterion here is the water vapor permeability. In addition, moisture adsorption by the packaging material itself plays an important role in ensuring its functionality. For that reason, knowledge of water vapor sorption and permeability is essential to adapt a packaging material to the respective requirements.

With the help of dynamic water vapor sorption analyses and the specially developed ProUmid Permeability Kit and the Large Object Kit these characteristics can be determined easily.

Application Notes

Water vapor permeability of films

The Application note presents a method for the determination of the water vapor permeability using dynamic water vapor sorption measurements. Principle of the method, set up of the experiment as well as evaluation of the results is shown using the example of wrapping films and aluminum foil. Furthermore, the influence of the ambient humidity on water vapor transition rate is shown.

Water vapor sorption of product packages

The water vapor sorption behavior of several candy packages was analyzes using the Large Object Kit. Results show the influence of the packaging material on the moisture sorption behavior. Furthermore, the effect of an additional foil wrapping on moisture sorption is shown.

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