Dynamic Water Vapor Sorption and Relative Humidity

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Shelf Life

Quality, shelf life and consumer acceptance of food products such as bread or dry snacks like potato chips and salt sticks are influenced by both the adsorption and desorption of moisture. For example, the aging of bread is related to the drying of the crumb. In snack foods, however, the adsorption of moisture leads to a loss of crispness. Dynamic water vapor sorption provides the possibility to investigate the product behavior under the influence of environmental conditions (relative humidity, temperature) to draw conclusions about the shelf life and quality change of the product.

Application Notes

Investigation of the dehydration behavior of bread crumb and crust

Taste and freshness of bakery products are an important criterion for consumer acceptance. Freshly baked bread is characterized by a crispy crust and a soft elastic crumb. However, during the storage, drying and consequently a loss of sensory quality occurs relatively quickly. This plays an important role, especially with regard to pre-packed and sliced convenience products. The Application Note 20-04 investigates the drying behavior of bread crust and crumb. In Research & Development such analyses can be used to gain a better understanding of the staling of bread and consequently to adapt recipes, processes and packaging accordingly

Literature references for hydrate formation analysis with the ProUmid DVS instruments


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